Church of England

Since biblical times, music and song has played an important part in worship. It liberates the spirit, gives voice to our emotions, and draws us into the praise and worship of God. It is also the way that people learn much of their theology.

The Christian faith has an ever-growing corpus of music and songs to draw on. The traditional hymns sung through the ages, contemporary songs, contemplative chants and high-energy action songs are all part of our musical heritage and have their place within worship. This part of the site has links to sites and downloads which will help to develop and enhance the musical aspects of worship with children and young people.

Some questions to consider when choosing songs and planning worship

  • Is there more to this song than just a catchy tune?
  • How does this song fit into the theme/flow of the worship?
  • Is this song teaching anything that will need to be unlearned later?
  • Do any of the songs make links with the wider worship of the community?
  • How can the children and young people be involved in planning and leading worship?