Church of England

In a world where so many are starving, we still tend to take our food for granted. Pausing to thank God before meals is a simple way to help children and families remember the good gifts that we have and recall our responsibility to work towards a fairer world for all.

Most Graces (as these prayers tend to be called) have no attribution to their original authors - and of course you do not have to be confined to the words that other people have used. There are Graces to sing, Graces with actions, Graces with humour, Graces that rhyme - a whole range! And of course you could encourage children top write their own.

This page has links to sites which have a variety of Graces, as well as a 'starter download' of some of the most popular.

Buying or making a Grace Cube can be a fun way of introducing the idea of prayer before meals. Each side of the cube has a prayer on it and the cube ios rolled to determine the Grace of the Day!