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From their first moments of life, children are learning about and responding to the world. But what are they learning about and responding to spiritually? The Revd Alison Harris, an early years specialist, wrote:

Traditional provision for children in the church has viewed Christian spirituality as part of a more mature faith, inaccessible at a young age until one has been grounded in significant instruction and experience. But maybe this is all the wrong way around? Maybe we should start with a child’s innate spirituality from as early a time as possible, and build on that through the experiences we offer her/him, so that the faith, which we hope will develop, will grow out of that and be constantly be inter-connected with it. And maybe, just maybe, there is much in a young child’s innate spirituality that can enhance the spiritual lives of adults if only we have eyes to see and hearts that are open enough.

This section of the Going for Growth  offers ideas and resources for families and churches to nurture the spiritual life and faith of children in their early years.