Church of England

You're unlikely to hear a child exclaim, 'Oh no - it's my birthday again. I had one last year and the year before - why do I need another?'

Birthdays are exciting! Anticipation builds as the day approaches! They mark the passing of time and the gaining of age, knowledge and skills. They give a chance to celebrate with friends and family. And the familiar traditions of cards, gifts and cake would be missed if they were left out!

The Church Year offers the chance to anticipate and prepare for the great Christian festivals. The preparation times of Advent and Lent lead to the celebrations of Christmas and Easter. And as we journey throughout the year, we encounter Epiphany, Pentecost, Harvest and saints’ days, all of them offering the chance to worship, celebrate and reflect on how our Christian faith has grown and changed.

This section of Going for Growth explores the riches of the year’s recurring festivals and seasons in ways which mark, celebrate and respond to them. Familiar rituals sit alongside new possibilities, for both children's and young people's groups, as well as for families. If you have any ideas which could be included, please let us know.