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Prayer should have a central place in our lives, but often it gets missed out in the busyness of the everyday. Sharon Ely Pearson has some ideas for creating a physical reminder of God's presence with us at all times, which could be used in the home or in Sunday groups:

A Prayer Space can be created using the centre or an end of the dining table, on an end table or coffee table, on a mantel or shelf. You can also post notes, prayers, sayings, petitions, pictures on the refrigerator, bulletin board, or even the bathroom mirror. Invite family members to check out the space on a daily basis.

Simply by placing a candle, cross, Bible or other object on a piece of cloth you can designate a special place.... a special bowl or basket on a table will serve to remind others to pray about a special intention and to place their own petitions or requests on a piece of paper for putting into the bowl or basket. A candle placed in a special spot can also call the family to prayer during time of need.

You can download the whole of Sharon's article using the link on the right, or visit her website Building Faith.