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Exploring the Bible and praying together as a family shows that our faith isn't something which is just reserved for Sundays. But if you aren't used to doing it, it can be hard to know where to start.

Lent offers an ideal opportunity to 'do things differently', so why not try to put aside some time as a family to look at a few Bible verses each week. On the right are some Lent readings and activities which you can download to get you started. Each one (one a week, starting on Ash Wednesday) suggests a Bible reading, an object to focus on, and some ways of thinking about the verses. Older children might want to take their turn in leading this family time.

You might want to:

  • Agree a time to spend together - perhaps 10 minutes after an evening meal or just before bedtime
  • Make sure you have a Bible and the notes handy
  • Place a cross (perhaps on some purple cloth - the colour of Lent) near where you decide to meet
  • Copy out the prayer of the week so that you can all say it together
  • Read through the notes before the time together starts

The notes are not meant to just be read out but a way to help you start thinking and conversations.

The Lent Family Devotions are written by MaryJane Pierce Norton of the United Methodist Church, and published on the General Board of Discipleship.