Church of England

History of Christingle

Christingle was established by the Moravian Church in 1747 as a symbol of Christ's light and love. The Children's Society introduced it to the Church of England in 1968 and it has since become a popular family and community event. The link on the right will take you to the free resources which the Children's Society produce to help churches and schools celebrate Christingle.

Christingle Celebrations

Christingle celebrations can be held any time from Advent to Candlemas and can take many different forms from a large church service to a school assembly Christingle celebrations. The celebration may include elements such as gathering activities, songs, prayers, performances and a collection in aid of The Children’s Society.

The main element that is universal to all Christingle celebrations is the lighting of Christingle candles.

What is a Christingle?

The Christingle itself refers to the symbolic object made up of the following 4 components:

  • an orange - representing the world
  • a red ribbon (or tape) - indicating the blood/ love of Christ
  • a lighted candle - symbolising Jesus, the Light of the World
  •  four cocktail sticks bearing dried fruit or sweets - signifying the four seasons and the fruits of the earth and God's good gift

The All about Christingle! website includes photographs and instructions on how to assemble a Christingle.

Liz Baddaley has written a Christingle Prayer for the Children's Society:

God with us and God still to come,
We thank you for the love experienced by many children,
And the breathless excitement they feel as they countdown to Christmas.
But we lift to you all those who are waiting for a safe home, or a family,
Or a childhood free of adult responsibilities.
God with us and God still to come,
Inspire us to bring your love to many more children
As we grasp the true excitement of what your coming means.
We lift to you all The Children’s Society’s projects and staff,
And all those planning Christingle services during the next few weeks.
God with us and God still to come,
May we love all your children this Christmas, and always. Amen.