Church of England

'Can you help out on the rota?'

When we're asking people to become involved with children or youth work as a volunteer, it's important to let them know what the expectations are. These will obviously be different for each context (mid week, Sundays, open youth work, Holiday Club..) but there are many things which are common to all (not least the expectation that hte volunteer will be familiar with and agree top abide by your Safeguarding policy).

Having an agreement in place means that everyone knows what is expected - so we have rounded up some examples froom across the Dioceses in the Church of England. Have a look, and then adapt them or write an agreement that suits your particular situation.

It's also a good idea to agree how often the agreement will be reviewed, so that people don't feel they are commiting for life!

(And think about when you might find times to thank the volunteers who freeely give their time - a card (made by the children) or small gift on their birthday, a celebration party or nibbles & drinks, praying for them in church, commissioning them at the start of the creative!)